Create home screen shortcut menu in your s40 java mobile

Hai s40 java mobile users.now you can add home screen menu in your mobile. Symbian and some latest java mobiles have a in-built home screen menu.but early releasing java mobiles are not have a home screen menu.so i share a small tutorial that helps to creating a home screen menu in your java mobile.

in my previous post i told to you How to minimize the java aplication on nokia mobile.this tutorial helps to minimize your java application.

follow the methods:

1.first download oxycube in your computer.
2. Connect your phone to pc using usb cable.
3.now open oxycube
4.then Goto SYSTEM FOLDER c:\Isasetting\variantFOR default\

5.Now Delete the existing File(before deleting copy or back up the file)
6.after deleting the "c:\Isasetting\variantFOR default " file paste the "variantsDefault.wxml"

download variants default.wxml here

download link 1
download link 2

7.thats all now Reboot your phone.

8.Now go to settings/display and you will find new item orange home screen here.

9.Turn it on and orange home screen will appear on your phone.

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Latest trick for Aircel free gprs 100% working

Aircel network officially offered to all aircel user for 15 days free 2g and 3g internet(250 mb).this trick are 100% worked because my friends are used this trick.to get this trick then follow one of the method.

There are two types of method to get this trick.

method 1:
type this number and press call *122*3344#


method 2:
send a msg

START 3G to 121

after dialing the number or sending the msg you will get the conformation message.then the gprs pack are activated.
note: this trick worked on only one time in your mobile number.

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how to hide folder in nokia java mobile


Watch youtube videos in your java mobile by using youtube application

Now you can watch youtube videos in your java mobile. some low end mobiles are not supported to streaming the youtube videos.but it is possible to watch the youtube videos in java mobile/low end mobiles.

in my another post i told to youdownload Youtube videos by using Ucweb browser.this trick can be used to download the any youtube videos in your mobile.

now i share the youtube application. It can be streaming the youtube videos.click the bellow link to download the youtube application

download link 1

download link 2

if any problem then comment here and share this trick on facebook.


Send profile pictures in facebook chat

Now you can send your profile pictures, page picture or your friends picture in facebook chat.it is very simple to send by using square brackets [[ ]].if you want to send your friends photo in facebook chat then You need only facebook username or id.

in my previous posts i told to you many facebook tricks likehow to hack facebook pasword by using forgot password., How to Post Blue Color text on Facebook this facebook tricks are very popular.so now i share a another facebook trick.

1.login to facebook.com
2. then find your friends username or id.
example for facebook username:

and you select only "hiddentricks"

example for facebook user id: 100004516354332

3.after finding username or id then go to facebook chat and send this username or id with square brackets.

[[hiddentricks]] or

thats all now the photo are send.

how to get username or id in pc:
*go to your profile or page profile or your friends profile.
*now the id is displayed in address bar with some url.
*copy only the id.it looks 15 digits or 16 digits.and also the user name are available in profile

if any problem or doubt then comment here.


Download youtube videos using opera mini

Today i am telling to you how to download youtube videos by using opera mini.yes it is very simple to download youtube videos in your mobile.

in my previous post i told to you How to download youtube video through uc web browser

now i share a new method for downloading youtube videos in opera mini.
follow the steps.

1.open your opera mini.
2.then go to m.youtube.com
3. Then select bookmarks(#5) in your opera mini.
4.select add bookmark and name it "youtube download"
5. Then delete the address and paste the bellow javascript.

6.save the bookmark.

7.then select any video in youtube(click only on videos text not on image)

8.after selecting video scroll down to bottom and select desktop view or classic view.

9.Now go to your browser settings and off the "single column view".

10.now browser ask to you reload the page-> press yes.
11.after reloading the page select your "youtube download" bookmark. (#5 is a shortcut of opera mini 6 and higher versions)
when you selecting your bookmark the page was automatically reloaded and the download option is appear in the bellow of video.
12.press download and select any format like 3gp, mp4 etc.now the video is downloading.

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How to unlock the locked mobile phone

Dont worry If your mobile are locked. most of the people are forgot the mobile password and dont know "how to reset the password". and some people are having the correct security code but its not opened the mobile.So i share a simple trick that helps to unlock your mobile.

in my another post i told to youhow to View stored password in uc browser and hide folder in nokia java mobile without any software.this tricks are helps to you for improving your tricks knowledge.

follow the steps to unlock your mobile.

1.switch off your mobile and remove the battery.

2.then remove the sim card and memory card.

3.wait 2 to 5 hours(it depends on mobile)

4.after waiting 2 to 5 hours put your battery then switch on.

thats all now your phone dont ask to you a security question.if it is ask a security question then use the your correct code or default code.
the default code is 12345.

leave a comment if any problem or this trick are worked or not.

View stored password in uc browser (all mobile)

View stored password in uc browser behind the asterisks / stars. It is one of the my favorite post. because this trick are created by me. And it is very simple method to view the password.

in my another post i shared to you how to Download youtube videos using opera mini and hack facebook pasword by using forgot password.that the posts are very interesting and very popular in our site.

so now i post a another popular post.

follow the steps to see the stored password in uc browser:

1.go to any login page where the password are stored.

2.move the cursor(arrow) to password field and dont click it.

3.then press #5(quick Search)

thats all now your stored password are displayed in your search engine.this same trick are used to view your friends facebook password or any other sites password.

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if any problem then comment here.and also tell me this trick are worked or not?


Show the hidden password behind the asterisks, stars

Most of the people are forgot the password for some popular sites like gmail,facebook and also internet banking password.but this password are stored in your browser behind the asterisks/stars.so you cant view this password.

now i share a javascript code that helps to you for view the password behind the asterisks.this javascript are supports to google chrome,opera and internet explorer.but not supported to mozilla firefox.(if you want to view the hidden password in mozilla firefox then click here to view the stored password in mozilla firefox)

follow the steps:

1.open your browser
2.go to any login page which the password is behind the asterisks.
3.copy and paste the bellow javascript to to your address bar(login page)

thats all your password are now displayed in your screen.if this trick are useful to you then subscribe and leave a comment.


hide folder in nokia java mobile without any software

Now i share to you how to hide folder in nokia mobiles without using any software .most of the people are don't know this simple trick.

i already told to you How to minimize the java application on nokia mobileand View stored password in uc browserthat the two post are very popular in our visitors.so now i share to you a another mobile trick.

follow the steps to hide folder in your nokia mobile.

1.go to your memory card or phone memory.

2.now create two folder.

3. move any photo,video or music files to hidden.jad

4.after moving the files just rename the folder hidden.ja to hidden.jar

that's all.now your folder hidden.jad was hide including all your files.if you want enable this folder just rename the folder hidden.jar to hidden.ja

this method are worked well in your memory card and phone memory.if this trick are useful to you then share and leave a comment.

visit again i have a another mobile trick or subscribe(follow by email).


use Screen KeyBoard If Keyboard are not worked

Your keyboard are not worked at any time. So you must know the screen keyboard.
It is already available in our computer. This keyboard are called as "screen keyboard".it display the same key structure.

i already shared to you how to use keyboard as a mouse that helps to you when your mouse are not worked.now i share how to get screen keyboard in few clicks.

To get this keyboard follow the steps.

1.Go to Start then select Run

2.then type "osk" (without quotes) and press Enter.

Now screen keyboard will be shown on your screen.it looks like a same keyboard .select any letter by moving your mouse cursor.

That's all.if it is useful then share and leave a comment.


change or reset the administrative password even forgot the old password

It is very very simple to change or reset the administrative password even you forgot the old password. Most of the people are dont know this trick.

i already shared to you how to reset the bios password that helps to you when you are forgot the bios password.

now i share to you how to reset the administrative password with this simple trick.

follow the steps:

1.Go to "Control Panel" and then click "Administrative Tools"

2.Now click on "Computer Management".

3.then go to "System Tools".

4.Now double click on "Users and Groups".

Then under users you will see all the users account including Admin account.

4.Right click on "Administrator" and change the password.

use this trick at your own computer.
Share it and leave a comment.


view stored password in mozilla firefox

Mozilla firefox is the best browser and it consists more features then flexible to users.Many browser's are protect the saved passwords and difficult to view it.
but the firefox provide a new option. That is view the stored password. This option are helps to users when the password are forgot. But this same way are used to stolen the password from others.

in my another post i shared to you how to disable the bios password in computernow i share how to view the stored password in firefox.

go to Tools –> options and then click security tab.

Click on the Saved Password button then it can be opened in new window.

Click on the show passwords button.
now it will be ask to you a small alert for view this password just press yes.

now select the wanted website to view the password.

method 2:
*go to the any login page like facebook,gmail

*right-click anywhere on the page.

*Select View Page Info and then the Security tab.

*Click View Saved Passwords. Another window will pop up showing the usernames associated with that site.

*Click Show Passwords to see the passwords for each username.


How to add unlimited tag in facebook by using mobile...

Tagging is most widely used in facebook when the photos are uploaded. but the facebook is only provide the limited tag's.
For using mobile the facebook allow to only 5 tags and using computer maximum tag is 50.

so what is the solution by using mobile?

in my older posts i told to you how to hack facebook password.it helps to improving the hacking knowledge.
now i share how to tag unlimited friends in facebook by using mobile.

download the facebook mobile application in your mobile.(to get this application go to your default browser then open facebook login page.now you see the ad of facebook application.then download it.)

now upload your photo from any mobile browser.

then press add tag and select maximum number of 5 people.

now go to your facebook application.then login with same id.

click the “Photos” option in the application.then Select recently uploaded image from the image album.


Now go to “Options” and hover the “tag Option”.
thats all now Just try to add your all friends.
now you are tagging the more people and you get more likes. Share and leave a comment.


How to remove virus from pendrive(usb) without using antivirus

Most of the people are facing this problem.all the pendrive's are affected to the virus and it can be created the undeletable folder.

in my another post i told to you how to delete undeletable file and how to remove virus from mobile.

now i will share how to remove virus from pendrive.

it is a simple method to remove virus without using antivirus.

first download this simple softwaresmart_vr click here to download

after downloading Run this exe file by double clicking on it.
Then click on “Delete Autorun.inf file”. After that click on ” Remove virus from USB”.
The virus will be removed from your pendrive.
which were disabled the virus just click on “Restore Default Windows Settings” that's all.
if it is useful then share and leave a comment.


How to know your own mobile number (all network)

You are Lost your own mobile number? Don't worry.it is very simple to get it.in my another post i told to you Nokia Mobile Hidden codes.
Now i share all network number to know your own sim number.

most of the network provider are having same number to view your sim number.the number is *1#.but i provide to you some alternative number.


Airtel users - IM to 57070 or *282#
Reliance users - *1#
Idea users - *789#
Aircel users - *1# or *888#

Videocon users - *1#

Loop users - *222#

Virgin users - *1#

uninor - *555# or *1#

Docomo users - *1# or *580#
Bsnl users Just call 24365 and ask them.

any problem leave a comment i will surely help to you and share to all.



It is a simple technic to convert the full web pages to pdf formate.


copy the your targeted web page url.


paste the url in this site web2pdf

now click convert to pdf.that's all your web page is converted to pdf.now you can download it or put your email to get it.
share and leave a comment.


how to block a particular website without any software

Today i am telling to how to block a particular website like facebook,google etc...
this type method are used to block some websites in our school and collages.also this same method are used to unlock the website.
There is a few step which u have to follow in order to the block the website.
Step 1:
Make sure about that you really want to block a website and ya if you then you have to know domain name of that website like"www.google.com"
Step 2:
Now you have to open your System Drive in your computer Step 3:
If Your System is in drive C:\ then Go to this Path in your compu ter "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\"
Step 4:
There is a file called "hosts" Open this file in your text editor(You can use your favorite one 'Notepad' :))
after a localhost add your link which you want to block with the same IP address
Step 5:
Now Save this file in Any Other place and replace with the original one.
Step 6:
Now you can able to see that google is blocked in your computer so, your friend can't able to use your laptop for google although you give him... Ya Don't Forget to close all the Folders Which is Open in your Explorer


How to minimize the java aplication on nokia mobile

Java mobiles are not supported to multi tap application i.e,not minimizable.
but it is possible for hack or disable the nokia security wall.Almost 5 Applications can run at a time.
How to Disable the Nokia Security Wall:

1.first Download J.A.F 19.68.2

2. Open J.A.F, connect your Phone via USB in Pc Suite Mode (Remember: Close Nokia Softwares; Nokia Pc Suite or NokiaOVI Suite)

3. Now go to BB5 Tab and tick the following.

*. Read pp
*. Normal Mode
*. CRT 308 (Already Ticked)

4. Now Click Service, save the pp file on your Hard Drive.

5. Open this pp file in Notepad and edit the lines.

*. 28 2 ( for Nokia Series40 3rd Edition)
*. 48 2 ( for Nokia Series 40 6th Edition)

6. Now save the file, open J.A.F again, go to BB5 Tab and tick the following.

*. Upload pp
*. Normal Mode
*. CRT 308 (Already Ticked)

7. Click on Service at the right top side and search that pp file you editted and saved some where on your Hard Drive.

8. Done! Now select Normal Mode from drop-down Menu.

9. Phone will Restart sometimes during disabling of Nokia Security Wall and when you will start your Phone, a message will pop-up “ Test in RNDIS Mode “, Press “ NO ” button.
Now Nokia Security Wall has successfully disabled.

How to Edit Java Applications:

1. Download any Java Application on your Computer and edit it

2. Before Editting, make sure the Application downloaded, is working fine on your Phone.

3. Open the .JAR file with WinRAR> META-INF > MANIFEST.MF and add this line. Nokia-MIDlet-no-exit: true.

4. Now copy the Application to your Phone.

5. Run Application and press directly Red Button.
Application will get minimize and wouldn’t ask you to ‘Allow to quit it’.
And you will have to Quit it manually.

Now enjoy the Symbian like feature in your Nokia Series40 Phone.share and leave a comment.

also checkdownload youtube videos through ucweb and yaaya.mobi

How to remove virus from mobile

If you think your mobile system has affected in virus or any error or GPRS is not proper working. Just try to refresh your mobile.

in my another posts i told to youhow to view stored password in uc browser and How to download youtube videos using uc browser?this tricks are useful to you.

now i post a another trick for refreshing your mobile.

Press *#7780# then press ok.Then put your mobile security code number.

Now your mobile is refreshed and virus is removed.and this code cant delete any content.only refresh your mobile settings. so the virus are removed in your phone memory only.but the virus are available in your memory card you must scan the memory card in your pc or format your memory card.

share this trick and any problem leave a comment.

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