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view stored password in mozilla firefox

Mozilla firefox is the best browser and it consists more features then flexible to users.Many browser's are protect the saved passwords and difficult to view it.
but the firefox provide a new option. That is view the stored password. This option are helps to users when the password are forgot. But this same way are used to stolen the password from others.

in my another post i shared to you how to disable the bios password in computernow i share how to view the stored password in firefox.

go to Tools –> options and then click security tab.

Click on the Saved Password button then it can be opened in new window.

Click on the show passwords button.
now it will be ask to you a small alert for view this password just press yes.

now select the wanted website to view the password.

method 2:
*go to the any login page like facebook,gmail

*right-click anywhere on the page.

*Select View Page Info and then the Security tab.

*Click View Saved Passwords. Another window will pop up showing the usernames associated with that site.

*Click Show Passwords to see the passwords for each username.

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