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Send profile pictures in facebook chat

Now you can send your profile pictures, page picture or your friends picture in facebook chat.it is very simple to send by using square brackets [[ ]].if you want to send your friends photo in facebook chat then You need only facebook username or id.

in my previous posts i told to you many facebook tricks likehow to hack facebook pasword by using forgot password., How to Post Blue Color text on Facebook this facebook tricks are very popular.so now i share a another facebook trick.

1.login to facebook.com
2. then find your friends username or id.
example for facebook username:

and you select only "hiddentricks"

example for facebook user id: 100004516354332

3.after finding username or id then go to facebook chat and send this username or id with square brackets.

[[hiddentricks]] or

thats all now the photo are send.

how to get username or id in pc:
*go to your profile or page profile or your friends profile.
*now the id is displayed in address bar with some url.
*copy only the id.it looks 15 digits or 16 digits.and also the user name are available in profile

if any problem or doubt then comment here.

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