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Show the hidden password behind the asterisks, stars

Most of the people are forgot the password for some popular sites like gmail,facebook and also internet banking password.but this password are stored in your browser behind the asterisks/stars.so you cant view this password.

now i share a javascript code that helps to you for view the password behind the asterisks.this javascript are supports to google chrome,opera and internet explorer.but not supported to mozilla firefox.(if you want to view the hidden password in mozilla firefox then click here to view the stored password in mozilla firefox)

follow the steps:

1.open your browser
2.go to any login page which the password is behind the asterisks.
3.copy and paste the bellow javascript to to your address bar(login page)

thats all your password are now displayed in your screen.if this trick are useful to you then subscribe and leave a comment.


mohammed irfan said...

Sir i did as you said but nothing happened. I first opened facebook login page in google chrome and copied this java script and pasted in address bar but nothin happened. Please tell me what to do now.

Ameer Khan said...

Sorry for the mistake. Now i change the javascript code and its works well.

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