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How to minimize the java aplication on nokia mobile

Java mobiles are not supported to multi tap application i.e,not minimizable.
but it is possible for hack or disable the nokia security wall.Almost 5 Applications can run at a time.
How to Disable the Nokia Security Wall:

1.first Download J.A.F 19.68.2

2. Open J.A.F, connect your Phone via USB in Pc Suite Mode (Remember: Close Nokia Softwares; Nokia Pc Suite or NokiaOVI Suite)

3. Now go to BB5 Tab and tick the following.

*. Read pp
*. Normal Mode
*. CRT 308 (Already Ticked)

4. Now Click Service, save the pp file on your Hard Drive.

5. Open this pp file in Notepad and edit the lines.

*. 28 2 ( for Nokia Series40 3rd Edition)
*. 48 2 ( for Nokia Series 40 6th Edition)

6. Now save the file, open J.A.F again, go to BB5 Tab and tick the following.

*. Upload pp
*. Normal Mode
*. CRT 308 (Already Ticked)

7. Click on Service at the right top side and search that pp file you editted and saved some where on your Hard Drive.

8. Done! Now select Normal Mode from drop-down Menu.

9. Phone will Restart sometimes during disabling of Nokia Security Wall and when you will start your Phone, a message will pop-up “ Test in RNDIS Mode “, Press “ NO ” button.
Now Nokia Security Wall has successfully disabled.

How to Edit Java Applications:

1. Download any Java Application on your Computer and edit it

2. Before Editting, make sure the Application downloaded, is working fine on your Phone.

3. Open the .JAR file with WinRAR> META-INF > MANIFEST.MF and add this line. Nokia-MIDlet-no-exit: true.

4. Now copy the Application to your Phone.

5. Run Application and press directly Red Button.
Application will get minimize and wouldn’t ask you to ‘Allow to quit it’.
And you will have to Quit it manually.

Now enjoy the Symbian like feature in your Nokia Series40 Phone.share and leave a comment.

also checkdownload youtube videos through ucweb and yaaya.mobi


john@cisco certification said...

i can’t open any of my application with winrar there comes written “the archive is damaged . if i openany app in winrar i can’t find any folder META-INF . . . .help plz .

Ameer Khan said...

Thanx for your response.
Open the .jar file that means extract the .jar file to a folder by using winrar.then modify MANIFEST.MF file of that jar file. It is found inside META-INF folder. Then add this code at very last line of the MANIFEST.MF file Nokia-MIDlet-no-exit: True Make sure that MID in above code are incapitals. Now repack that jar file and install it in your mobile. Then just run the application now just press red button the application will not ask you to exit this time rather it disappears ( minimize s). Click on the application again to restore it.

Anonymous said...

There's no such potion as read pp,, but der is read pm, when i click it, it says to enter the address from 0-255. pls help !!

Ameer Khan said...

Connect your Phone(usb cable) with pc in PC-Suite Mode.Open JAF and go to BB5 Tab. now "read pp" are available.note:close nokia pc suite,ovi suite and all the nokia softwares. I hope it works well.

Anonymous said...

Bro can after breaking our phone security with jaf. Can we again restore the security. And is it important to have pc suit installed in pc to break security with jaf

Ameer Khan said...

Dont need to restore the security.if you select restore settings in your mobile then mobile are reset. and No need to install pc suite in your pc. Any doubt then comment here.thank you.

ccna boot camp said...

Thank you, your tips and link was very useful

Ameer Khan said...

Thanx bro....visite again...

ins@ccie routing said...

worked for me thanks a lot dude

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