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how to block a particular website without any software

Today i am telling to how to block a particular website like facebook,google etc...
this type method are used to block some websites in our school and collages.also this same method are used to unlock the website.
There is a few step which u have to follow in order to the block the website.
Step 1:
Make sure about that you really want to block a website and ya if you then you have to know domain name of that website like"www.google.com"
Step 2:
Now you have to open your System Drive in your computer Step 3:
If Your System is in drive C:\ then Go to this Path in your compu ter "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\"
Step 4:
There is a file called "hosts" Open this file in your text editor(You can use your favorite one 'Notepad' :))
after a localhost add your link which you want to block with the same IP address
Step 5:
Now Save this file in Any Other place and replace with the original one.
Step 6:
Now you can able to see that google is blocked in your computer so, your friend can't able to use your laptop for google although you give him... Ya Don't Forget to close all the Folders Which is Open in your Explorer

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