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hide folder in nokia java mobile without any software

Now i share to you how to hide folder in nokia mobiles without using any software .most of the people are don't know this simple trick.

i already told to you How to minimize the java application on nokia mobileand View stored password in uc browserthat the two post are very popular in our visitors.so now i share to you a another mobile trick.

follow the steps to hide folder in your nokia mobile.

1.go to your memory card or phone memory.

2.now create two folder.

3. move any photo,video or music files to hidden.jad

4.after moving the files just rename the folder hidden.ja to hidden.jar

that's all.now your folder hidden.jad was hide including all your files.if you want enable this folder just rename the folder hidden.jar to hidden.ja

this method are worked well in your memory card and phone memory.if this trick are useful to you then share and leave a comment.

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subno said...

Another trick rename a folder to a>a.nth and now see the magic .to get back original folder rename a.nth>a

Ameer Khan said...

Thanx for sharing bro...it is used to change the folder icon...nice....

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