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how to post empty status in facebook?

It is possible to empty status update on your facebook account.most of the person are don't know this trick.

in my another post i told to you
Tracing Facebook User Locationthat is used to know the address of unknown person.

Now i share how to post empty status update in you wall.follow the steps.

Login to your Facebook Account.

go to Status update or any comment field.

Press and hold Alt key and just type 0173.Release Alt Key and click on share. That’s all now your empty status will be updated.

If the above trick doesn’t work in your wall then type or paste the bellow code in your status or comment field.

@[0:0: ]

then press share or enter.now your status are updated without any text.it displays a blank updation.also the second method are works well in mobile.share and write your comments.

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