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how To Delete Facebook Account permanently

facebook is one of the most popular social site in the world. Because it have more fun with making friends.so many people are creating more than one facebook account.but sometime this facebook account are against to the friends or some people.then sometime it makes a problem.so you must deactivate or delete the facebook account. so now i share to you how to deactivate the facebook account and how to delete facebook account permanently.

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There are two methods to delete or deactivate your account

1. deactivate(temporarily)
2.permanently delete

To deactivate your account follow the steps:

1.login to facebook.com
2. Then go to your account then select settings.
3.now select security tab and you will see the deactivate option.
select deactivate to deactivate your account.if you want to reactivate your account then simply login to facebook.com to activate your account

if you want to delete facebook permanentlythen click the following link to delete.

click here to delete permanently!

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