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Hack any website by using javascript (funny trick).

You can edit any website by using this javascript.and your friends are 100% believing to you are the website hacker.

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*go to any website
*then Copy and paste the bellow java script into the address bar

now you can edit content of any webpage including facebook,twitter, gmail etc.this code not actually hack original website.it is a temporary changes and its only running on your browser.but your friends are believed to you are the website hacker.

some browsers are not supported to this java script.so try this code in different browsers.

if any problem then comment here.


sureen raj said...

nothing happened

Ameer Khan said...

this trick 100%working...go to any website then paste the code to address bar.then press enter.now move the mouse point to any place and press backspace or delete. now the content was deleted and you can write your own text. Check again.

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