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How to convert and play the ps2 Game on pc.

Now you can play ps2 game on your computer by using dvd decrypter.it is a free software.

Follow the Steps to play the ps2 game on your computer:-

1.Download and install dvd Decrypter. click here to download

2.after downloading open it.

3.then open your computer’s disc drive and insert the ps2 game cd.

4.wait two or three minute for the software program to recognize the cd.

*then click “Mode”
*choose ” ISO”
*select “Read” and click “OK”.
*Click the “Start” button in the pop-up box. The program will create an ISO drive from the disc. Close the program when it has finished ripping the disc.

5.Click “Start” and choose ” My Computer” The ISO disc that you just created will be located under the section for devices with removable storage.

6.right click on the ISO icon and choose “Open autoplay.”

thats all now you can play the ps2 game on your computer....enjoy

if any problem then leave a comment.

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